Friday, January 2, 2009


n. A flattened, sub-atomic particle containing spin laterally but not circumferentially and having the further ability to change the “spin” of other, dissimilar particles to create wobble in anti-mesons, quarks, and neutrinos, but not in pi-mesons or in so-called “filtered” mesons or in macro-sidereal aleph ephshuts (spuds), and possessing a periodic radial and bilateral “fulmination” within its life history (2.3-23 seconds).

“The tushion falling off the cliff head and never hitting the bottom, never breaking; the only things imagined are the cliff head, the bottom, and the falling — the rest is real: the tushion within its imaginative matrix.” The Continuous Veil in the Aura of Belief, a Study in Sub-Atomic Physics for the Poet-Adventurer and Co-creative Logician. Frederic Lightlifter and Morton Darkenson. 1986.

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