Tuesday, January 20, 2009


n. The fossilized dung of the Gambian Slowfloating Fourfolded Fingerfly (Repetitio fourfoldium), whose patterning was used, on reasonable occasions, in various ring settings and necklace jewelry in 15th century costume adornments from Isfahan, Iran and was then considered a mark of prescient distinction by the wearer, conferring on him an adroit invisibility without any forceful and intense need of acceptance.

“It was now the latest way to deny responsibility, in fact, to live and act in the world while remaining ‘pretentiously’ invisible, indeed, non-local; and everyone, yes, everyone was wearing it, dast and dast and more dast, streaks of invisibility everywhere through their imperfections only, yet only streaks, making crime an accidental patterning of discovery and the accidental detective useless.” Dast before the Fourfolded Fingerfly, a Biocultural Journey into the World of Flaming Facts and Their Non-Efficatious Effacements. Liquid Amber and the Glazings Brothers, Tom and Tracy. 1874.

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