Thursday, January 15, 2009


n. A plant of the halifax family, sub-branch Euthanasia fallitropus, found in the mythological flora of suicides (c. 1229), there symbolizing death by superconscious, though conspicuous, means, but containing a powerful, pulsing pustule, allowing the entire plant — roots, leaves, stem, and aura — when in its mature state, to become (but only in some universally detached disguise as it went wandering) a great variety (a whole flora) of other shrubs of wholly different genealogies, histories, and characteristics, allowing, therefore, a survival through disguise and therefore beyond disguise.

“The goigrium in her garden resembled poison ivy to the touch, rosebuds to the smell, passion fruit to the unwary, and mango nectar to the unconscious.” Fuguing and Exploration in the Dangerously Delightful World of the Almost Universal Plant and Its Perhaps Near Appendage, the Fungus: Theatrical Disguises, Pulses of Mithridates, Sweeteners from the Isles of the Blest, and Other Fanciful and Magical Devices. Roger Pleadie Kale and Bruce Crankshaft. 1701.

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