Sunday, January 11, 2009


v. To greet someone considered hostile or interact with a person (or persons) toward whom one has mutual hostile intentions, or to greet someone with whom one is not on a variety of very good terms by using a single suggestion or a series of suggestions offered in various publications readily available.

“ ‘Do not think that we can droon all day,’ I said to Mr. Balding Tartface as he all but stepped into my footprints and barred my way on the street, carrying a box of ‘Fortunate’ Chocolates (which, fortunately, he did not offer me), ‘for the sun,’ I continued, ‘is too bright to ignore the feasts which await the both of us as we wander through this truly amazing maze.’ ” Dying for Your Enemies, a Do It Yourself Manual. Laurence A. Masters Cloudless. 1902.

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