Wednesday, January 14, 2009


n. A fellowship of banter, criticism, and complaint.

“The creech you would join, if you could find one to your liking (and it is possible now that you could), would consist, in main, of hard-joking men and women (perhaps a dozen or so — no children, they seem to have their own groups), deep, angry complaints with a fist full of words pointed at the sky, a top-rippling and rip roaring, constant conversation that touched on and bounced off and merged with multiple angularities and ambiguous areas of truly tense, metaphoric mischief, and, as a kind of bound (not bounded) atmospheric glue to hold it all together (piecemeal, of course), a deep rustling of unaligned histories to act as a richly grounded bass for the clues to all these whizzing interactions.” The Creech in Humanity, a Study of Convergences and their Widely Purposeful Interpenetrations. Casey Restless, Root Rumor, and Marion Thrice. 1886.

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