Saturday, January 17, 2009


n. Geology. A “near granite” that rings with absolute overtone clarity at a frequency of 312 cycles per second under standard barometric conditions when struck by copper, iron, or “amalgamated” bronze “reflector winds” and whose type section (geologist’s term for an almost perfectly clear lithic classified type or example or “find-fitting”) has been located 3.06164 miles south southwest southeast of Best Maine Station, Arizona.

“The several micro near granites, or true becretons placed there by earth forces that had, in the undertones of their existences hundreds of millions of years ago a passionate purpose, it has been more than clearly and beyond any doubt established, have been, now, with intense purpose, played on, for the tunings and outward wave poolings of their structures (four foot diameter platforms resembling miraculously ‘risen plates’ or tonal toadstools) have hyper-musical possibilities, that is, pulsed potentials, which we have only recently begun to explore and, through exploration, inhabit.” Compositions Newly Inscribed on the Air of Those Regions by the Microbecretons of Copper Canyon, Utah, The ‘Flails’ of Prince Edward Island, and the ‘Passionate Pilgrims’ of Patagonia. Recorded by Rodolfo Honda and Rebecca Fleece Rollings [Expanding Soundspaces, Inc.]. 1997.

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