Tuesday, January 27, 2009


n. A polite leave taking with the suggestion that the people leaving one another will hope never to see each other again.

“The floon brought to mind the slowly elegant bowing waves, gracefully retreating from the shoreline, and the shoreline itself retreating, sliding from under itself, brought to mind the hesitant croaking of a single raven at the empty doorway of the still more empty voice, brought to mind a minutely perfected backwardness drawn out like a cape of felt, and the furry undertow of darkness brought to mind an orchestrated ballet that came from some other, perhaps more independent source, propelling them away, further and further away from one another, in a ritual of final, hopefully final good-byes.” The Many Pictures of Parting, Styles of the Floon in History. Care Eccles Sliding and Supreme Departure. 1900.

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